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  3 - Satan Garth
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Recently published: Thunderbolts & Haggomsteeans - an Anthology of Poems and Stories by Whitby Writers.
edited by Ian Clark.
28 Nov 2016. Price 9.95. ISBN 978-1-898728-42-9

Thunderbolts & Haggomsteeans book cover

A second volume of poems and stories read aloud by members at meetings of the Whitby Writers Group since the first volume was published in 2010.

The contributors are all members of Whitby Writers Group. They are:

David Agnew
Jonathan Atkinson
Pat Atkinson
Pipyn Boult
Ian Clark
Graham Durrant
Louise Graydon
Jenny Hill
Adrienne Silcock
Mike Silkstone
Richard Wood
Daphne Wright

This anthology will delight anyone who enjoys good reading as well as those who yearn for creative writing.

Sold in aid of the MND Association

Recently published: My Lute is a Time Capsule, by Dr Richard Wood,4 June 2016. Price 11.95.

My Lute is a Time Capsule book_cover

Lutes are time-capsules: they are braced inside with odd scraps of cloth and printed paper.
The author is building a lute full of daft stories, curious reminiscences and snippets of life in 21st-century Britain.
This is a book of what’s inside and what didn’t quite make it.

Recently published: Voices of the First World War, by Jenny Hill,8 February 2016. Price 9.95.

Voices of WW1 book_cover

This poignant cycle of poems by Jenny Hill, commemorating those who perished in the Great War, 1914-1918, is inspired by a series of podcasts by the Imperial War Museum in connection with the First World War Centenary Partnership, 2014-2018.
There is a poem for each of the podcasts, which totalled 48 at the time of writing, plus a closing poem of grief and reconciliation.
The poems are illustrated by a series of sparse, haunting images from the pen of Ian Clark.

NOTICE:On 6 November 2014,Interspex, by Clark Nida, was republished in revised edition as The Titan Kiss in audiobook format by Earthspot Books, which plans to issue compatible paperback and Kindle editions shortly. (Search for it under its new title in iTunes, Amazon.com or Audible.com.)
This was forced on the author because coincidentally the old title is the name of a reputable biotech supplier, as well as having social connotations which could mislead readers as to its actual genre.
Undead Tree Publications has retired the title from its list, and has not acquired rights to the book under its new title.

Recently published: Satan Garth, by Mike Silkstone,price 9.95.

Satan Garth book_cover

This is the third book of Mike's “Steeas” trilogy.
It is the sequel to Seasons o'Steeas.

This is not the holiday he had imagined!

Gary Thornton, just turned 18, forsakes the house of his peevish mother and her wealthy new bloke
for the company of his beloved dad. They're taking a carefree holiday on the North Yorkshire coast,
staying in a cottage at the decrepit fishing village of Seaton Garth...

“Satan Garth”, his dad calls it.

There's definitely something sinister about the place. And the locals aren't at all welcoming.
Whyever did they come here? Dad hasn't told Gary the whole story: nothing like!

Three Loves by Mike Silkstone (ASIN B005P33MYI)is now available worldwide in the Amazon Kindle Storeprice 2.91 (incl VAT).

Watch this space for the Kindle edition ofSeasons o'Steeas, by Mike Silkstone.

Three Loves, by Mike Silkstone,had its book-launch on Friday 9 September, 2010, 7:30pm,atThe Art Cafe, 42a Flowergate, Whitby. The author read selections from his book to a full-house, and signed copied afterwards.

Recently published: Three Loves, by Mike Silkstone, price 9.99.

Three Loves book_cover

This is the second book of Mike's “Steeas” trilogy (chronologically the first).
It is the prequel to Seasons o'Steeas.

Tom and his sister Leah, plague orphans, are taken-in by the kindly apothecary in Whitby, on the Yorkshire Coast. Tom learns the trade and they grow well-to-do.
Ship's surgeon Ashley is betrothed to Leah, and his best friend Lynton from his student days proposes to his sister Constance.
And one day, collecting herbs, Tom loses his heart to a tragic beauty in the eerie fishing town of “Steeas” (Staithes).
Three Loves... but will they ever wed...?
At Cape Trafalgar, Nelson is about to give decisive battle. But unbeknown to Constance, Lynton faces a darker fate than a hero's death at sea...
And what is haunting Sarah, the woman loved by Tom? She warns him not to linger there. They can be... unfriendly... in Steeas...

A Song for the Bees: Whitby Writers Group, 2010will be launched on Monday 22 November, 2010atThe Art Cafe, 42a Flowergate, Whitby.

An illustrated selection of stories, articles and poems read aloud at meetings of the Whitby Writers Group during the past two years.
Contributors are: Richard Baker, Sheila Dooley, Fran Hunnisett, Clark Nida, Julia Organ, Brenda Orrell, Mike Silkstone, Theresa Tomlinson, Anne Ward, Helen Welton and Daphne Wright. Illustrations by Leela Clark, Helen Welton and Daphne Wright.
Buy it fromLulu.com.A black-and-white editionis also available.

Seasons o'Steeas, by Mike Silkstone,received its official launch on Saturday, 16 October, 2010atThe Art Cafe, 42a Flowergate, Whitby.
See the official press release [PDF 143KB].

It is the dawn of the 20th century. A tiny storm-swept fishing village on the tip of the North Yorkshire coast has just been discovered by a group of artists, soon to become famous as the Staithes Group. They are readily accepted as part of the community and Evelyn Dacre, a young local woman, often sits for them.Seasons o'Steeaschronicles three generations of Evelyn’s seafaring family in this isolated inbred community, cursed by tragedy at sea and little room for love on land. Where daily life is steeped in folklore and superstition, touched by the macabre. Where your funeral’s the highlight of your life, and your parents force you to marry your cousin “to keep t’brass in t’family”.

New Second Edition of:At Play With Jby Eugene McDonnell.NOW... with all code updated and tested with the latest J release (6.02).Published in association with Vector Books,an imprint of theBritish APL Association.April 2009.

'Significant' water found on Moon by NASA.See BBC website.

Our author Clark Nida now has his own website and news blog at www.clarknida.com

New programming book:At Play With Jby Eugene McDonnell, announced inVector magazine.Published in association with Vector Books,an imprint of theBritish APL Association.April 2009.