The Door Out Of Hell
It is 1961—the notorious upside-down year.
Gawky school-leaver Alan Hall takes a job he’d never have imagined: in a psychiatric ward.
“They say the job’s a one-way trip...” – but, alone of anyone, Alan can walk out the door whenever he likes... the door out of hell!

The Titan Kiss
When his son Harry comes home bringing a strange girl to meet the family, retired Durham quarryman Jack finds her hard to accept. But soon she calms his doubts so far as to captivate him, and the couple are wed.
An uninvited guest warns Jack his son is in deadly danger, catapulting him on a heartbreaking quest for the truth.

Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite?
By Clark Nida, writing as “earthspot”.
Available in limited edition paperback with numbered copies (UK only).
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